summer loving













Summer is my security blanket in this time of craziness, 
The waves of uncertainty have passed with time,
last year is something we do not consider much.

New year new me ringing in the air even now, almost two months in,
There’s not much I know about the world- I am but a child,
what I do know is the comfort of loved ones and the beauty
of discovering what it is that makes us.

This place is a see-saw of good and bad with the word balance yet to be discovered,
unknown faces determining our fate but we’ll still hold on,

Worse has been experienced and worse has been overcome-
beautiful things always begin with sadness

The world has not broken me enough to make me bitter, just bruised enough to make it count. 
For now I seek solace in all that is around me, good conversations and sweet tea
Until the rains come and I find an escape… 

yellow dress: own design+embroidery inspired here
black floral dress: f21
denim: mrp DIY inspired  here

Location courtesy:  Wasp & Sprout

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