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In this world of personal accounts its easy to take pride in the personal branding and  constantly feeding our creative hunger; learning to slow down is my big lesson. It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big sea when the next person displays qualities you can only dream of, how does one feel unique when the lack of boundaries is the new box?
I’m trying hard to not reach out for my phone to capture every fleeting moment but with the future holding many uncertainties can anyone blame us for these tendencies?

The irony of this post is not lost on me, with pictures of myself for the most part, evidently posed for as I talk about our my obsession with the internet
Reading an article on how to unplug made me laugh at myself, the paradox of the situation was humorous but brought about the question, should they put disclaimers before one enters the internet although the illusion is more attractive than any *WARNING* could prohibit, we are all like Alice and the rabbit hole is nice and shiny like the latest glitter beard or such other fad. 

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