an ode of sorts

The surrounding trees fall on the very dust that helped them grow, eucalyptus scent envelopes my senses as my stuffy nose clears up for an instant reminding me of a snotty nosed 6 year old whose idea of home was the comfort of mama’s arms, geography insignificant. A decade and more has passed, locations have changed, home has not.




The wind sways the skirt I wear, cotton brushes at my feet reminding me of the places often traveled, loved ones by my side in the form of giggling 14 year olds whose love for each other grew from the love of unearthing life’s secrets and seeking to fulfill their purpose, laughter now accompanies the wisdom of  these now-20 year olds discovering themselves in this big big world in perfect symphony.





The clear skies hinting the coming of summer accompanied with single digit temperatures reminding me of nature’s ability to be more than she seems..

what seems to be isn’t always what is. looking up, a passing cloud smile at me for a fleeting second before disappearing, I am reminded of my own mortality & yet the immortality of the ones I have lost is a daily reminder.. the women who are no longer here in body are engrained into the person I have become; from the weird foods I like, the way i cross my feet to the smart -mouthed young lady who never takes less than deserved.


The world passes by one day at a time -experiences creating the person I will become, like rocks being shaped by the constant visit of waves.
As I greet the life I’m destined to have I remind myself of the pillars I am surrounded by, the women that have formed the foundation of my person-hood. I breathe in a deep sense of satisfaction. how lucky am I?




wearing: vintage skirt in organic cotton
               open front lace top 


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