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Inspired by the classic aesthetic of the Lulea Mini me, it was clear why the brand is one to watch out for, a sense of pride accompanies wearing a Lulea piece as luxury is the end-game no matter what the price point.
Timeless pieces in quirky styles are an accessory for the ultimate cool girl.

The heart however of the brand is in it’s ethics and philosophy; using locally sourced leather and other raw materials while partnering with local communities to create beautiful and brightly colored hand-woven Kenyan wool and cotton fabrics to create a delicate balance between luxury and design.

The options are endless but whether for minimal errands or a night out, you know you can rely on your trust accessory to lock in your arms as you take the world in your stride.

The concept of this editorial was a creative collaboration with Jasleen Matharu who styled all the looks.
Location:Zucchini Kenya

All bags featured in this editorial courtesy oLulea By Chesneau

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