finding home.


This concept was inspired by our  Asian heritage & Kenyan roots;
I consider myself equal parts both and I get to enjoy the rich culture  and fashion that accompanies them,
Indian fashion entices me with rich pure silk saris passed down from generations to generations,
intricate detailing in embroidered jackets and handmade jewelry bringing out the industrious nature of the people creating this art,
with Kenyan fashion in a color palette boasted by the heavens,
simplified textiles highlight the relationship of our people with nature- respectful and real.
one is the home I wish to some day discover, the other is the home I was born into and has nurtured me,
Both I love dearly.

The words “but where are you really  from?”-
ring loud with every conversation dying,

questions about places unfamiliar
stares intense looking for answers
as though these languages I claim to not speak
are a way to keep secrets meant to be hidden.

The truth is; the places I come from are not a concern at this time,
armed with my ignorance,
I am not defined by where I came from
but by what I can do.
Not restricted by papers, passports or the color of my skin.

too comfortable in a foreign place,
too foreign for home.
they asked me to trace my roots;
the boundaries on the map
and the history pumping through my veins all point to one place,
the land beneath my feet is all I can find
because the smell of rain on earth feels the same wherever I go,
that is where I find home.

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust
This world belongs to me
And to it; I.

Pictures by: Chris Siganga and Kevin Gakere

Wearing:  IKUMI and Mr Price Kenya

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