DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Its that time of the year again, when exams take over our life and the only thing making us push through is the prospect of the upcoming holidays!^

For summer break this year I shall be taking a trip with my friends to the lovely Diani Beach ( one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kenya) and even though our trip is in 25 days i have started primping for this holiday, a girl could never start too early!

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a DIY recipe that would give me the perfect beach hair but i’m one of those people that has really straight hair that doesnt stay styled no matter how much hair spray is used, yep! Im that girl ?

Regardless, i skeptically tried it out.


1 cup hot water

2 tbsp sea salt (add more for increased texture)

1tbsp raw coconut oil

1tsp water soluble hair gel

1-2 drops Vitamin E oil (i used 2 tablets of the vitamin E oil pills and cut them open)

1-2 drops Argon Oil

1 tbsp leave in conditioner

I first dissolved the sea salt in the hot water and the added the oils, i had to heat up my coconut oil as it was pretty solid.

Add the hair gel and the leave in conditioner and put everything in one of those spray bottles that are so easily available.

Shake well and spray on to your hair remembering to constantly scrunch it in order to create texture, you could then tie your hair in a loose braid till your hair dries (i put mine in a bun because of how stubborn it is, a loose braid would definitely do nothing for it)



Its super easy to carry around when you're off to the beach for around the day touch ups.
Its super easy to carry around when you’re off to the beach for around the day touch ups.
What my hair looked like 2 hours after spraying on the mixture,
What my hair looked like 2 hours after spraying on the mixture.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Found my signature summer hairstyle so thats one thing i can take off my checklist!

Stick around for more pre-vacation blog posts (incase you couldnt tell, I’m super excited!)

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